press release distribution on bloomberg, yahoo, streetinsider, Nasdaq , benzinga, marketwatch, Associated Press (APNews)



5 Days Delivery
  • Up to 800 words
  • Submit press release
  • Format press release
  • Research pr ideas
  • SEO keywords
  • Premium Coverage Advanced Coverage+ 400 news sites


I will write and publish press releases for your brand and get them published on various different media outlets to give your brand authority, reliability, integrity and exposure, of courseThese Press Releases also help in SEO of your website!

The Process:

  • I will write the press release and get it verified by you first. You can select keywords of your choice to attach backlinks to. Your PR is then published on Yahoo, Bloomberg, StreetInsider, Marketwatch, Benzinga and 500+ other outlets.
  • Once the links go live, I will send you a detailed report for you to view.
  • I will then provide you with an “As seen on” image to publish on your website, giving more authority and credibility to your business.

You can order in Bulk and get a discount too!

I can also publish press releases on cryptocurrencies, Metaverse and NFTs.